Film HD, color, 4/3, 9 mins loop
Excerpt 1’47

FOMU-Fotomusem, Masculinities : Liberation through photography, Antwerp, BE.

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The swimmer has just finished his dailies hours of training. He pulls himself out of the water and sits at the edge of the pool. Timothy breathes heavily, his abdomen flexes and deflates in rhythm. Little by little, his muscles get loose, his heart gets quiet, Timothy falls nearly asleep. These nine minutes of film are shown in a loop, and endlessly enact the climax and afterglow of an act of love.

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Le nageur vient de terminer ses heures d’entrainement quotidiennes. Il se tire de l’eau et s’assoit sur le bord de la piscine. Timothy respire fort, son abdomen se gonfle et se dégonfle en cadence. Petit à petit, ses muscles se relâchent, son coeur bat moins fort, Timothy s’endort presque. Ces neuf minutes de film sont projetées en boucle. Elles rejouent interminablement l’apogée puis l’apaisement de l’acte amoureux.


Country : Belgium
Year : 2015
Length : 9 minutes, loop
Format : HD, Red ONE
Screening ratio : 4 /3
Image : color

With Timothy Deolet
DOP : Doan Hoang Son
DOP assistant : Ada Detraz
Assistant : Flurin Bisig
Sound Recording & Sound Mixage : Christine Delpit
Foley Artist : Elias Vervecken
Color Grading : Florian Berutti
Film supported by Hoger Instituut Voor Schone Kunsten, HISK ; HerculesLab – KASK School of Arts, Ghent, BE.


2022: Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, 25 Arts Seconde, programer Mathilde Roman, Paris, FR.
2020: MaximiliansForum,“Die Narbe juckt”, Munich, DE.
2019 : Tick Tack, Screening marathon, invitation by Daniella Géo, Antwerp, BE.
2018 : Bozar, “The Iceberg or what does Chris Marker make us do ?”, invitation by Chloé Malcotti & Xavier Garcia Bardón, Brussels, BE.
2016 : St. Luca – School of Arts, DocNomads Program, Laure Cottin Stefanelli shorts, Brussels, BE.
2015: Ateliers Vortex, “Dos-à-Dos”, Dijon, FR.

2021 : FOMU-Fotomusem, Masculinities : Liberation through photography, Antwerp, BE.
2017 : Centrale.Lab, “Touch me not/do not cling to me/do not hold onto me/do not approach me”, Brussels, BE.
2015: Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, CCI Fabrika,”And it Doesn’t Matter if the phone Rings”, Moscow, RU.